After Hours

 We are committed to providing excellent health care in a safe and effective way.  

We have 24 hour coverage for emergencies.  Our answering service is Thompson’s Doctors’ Answering Service.  They answer calls very promptly, politely, and give you instructions on what to do in case of emergency, in case you did not call 911 already.

Please listen to our telephone message when you call after hours.

If you have an emergent medical condition after hours, that cannot wait until the office reopens, please go to nearest emergency room by calling 911 or driving privately (we do not recommend, driving during emergencies).
When ER doctor examines you and decides that you need to be admitted to the hospital, he or she will call Dr.Indupalli or his colleagues that are covering for him.
We will take over your care from that point onwards.  

We cannot call in prescriptions for you after-hours, for emergencies because the doctor cannot assess severity of your sickness over the phone.  There were instances where patients downplayed the symptoms and received antibiotic prescriptions and stayed home, got very sick over next few hours and in an extreme case died.  So no Telephone Medicine practiced for now.  

Another reason we do not treat the patients over the phone after hours is, the doctor cannot establish your identity over the phone.  Because of the HIPPA laws, patient identity has to be established before we treat.  Dr.Indupalli might very well know you, but his covering MDs do not have a way to know if you are really his patient or not.


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