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Office will be closed for Christmas Holidays

From 12/21/2019 to 12/29/2019

Dr. Indupalli will be back in the office on 12/30/2019


We would like you to make an appointment as much as possible.  If we are unable to return your call when you want, you may chose to come as a walk and wait patient.  We will not turn you away.  

Phone calls will be returned with in two business days.  Please do not repeatedly call us about the same issue, because it would only prolong the call back times.

If you come as a walk in during afternoon hours (1pm-4pm), we will accommodate you ONLY IF we have a cancellation during that period, but we will still help you, by calling in scripts or quickly take a look at you, depending on individual case.  Dr.Indupalli will help you as much as he can.


We are requesting you to limit your problems to address to 2-3 instead of a bucketful.  You may need more visits if you have substantial number of problems.


As usual, we remind you that we are not responsible for wait times, because of complexity of patient care.  However we apologize from bottom of our hearts for the delay in seeing you.  Such is the patient care when you really care!



In case of Emergency, we prefer you go to Christus Hospital ER.  If not possible go to Baptist Hospital ER (Diagnostic Group takes care of our patients at Baptist)





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On Twitter, #indupallimd.


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